The UAE plans to authorize gambling

The United Arab Emirates is now taking steps to establish the gaming industry with a view to further boost tourism revenue. Recently, the UAE formed a federal commercial gaming authority called the General Commercial Gaming Regulatory […]

NRA forms new department to fight money laundering in gambling

The National Revenue Agency announced that it has formed a new department – “Prevention and Counteraction against Money Laundering” under the Directorate for Supervision of Gambling and Gambling Activities. The unit has been established in accordance […]

NRA: Gambling addicts should not be allowed in gaming halls, even if they are employees of the site

The organisers of gambling games should not allow employees who are on the register for vulnerable people in their casinos and gambling halls, commented from the National Revenue Agency. In case of non-compliance with the law, […]

EGBA has unveiled its Sustainability report for 2022-2023

The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) unveiled its Sustainability Report 2022-2023, highlighting the joint efforts and progress of the association and its members to promote safe and responsible gaming, as well as to contribute positively […]

Peru to legalize online gambling and sports betting

The government of Peru has passed a law, legalizing online gambling and sports betting in the country. The law aims to close tax loopholes, regulate online gambling businesses, ensure tax collection, prevent money laundering, and promote […]

Ginka Panaretova: The organizers of gambling games comply with the restrictions, and they do not allow gambling addicts into the gambling facilities

The organizers of gambling games comply with the legislation restrictions and don’t allow people who are listed on the list of vulnerable people into gaming facilities. This is what Ginka Panaretova, Director of the Supervision of […]

The NRA stopped 60 illegal websites for gambling in May

For the last month, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) has identified 60 websites for gambling that do not have a valid license in accordance with the Gambling Act. After a thorough inspection, research, and analysis of […]

John Engates: AI helps operators detect frauds

John Engates is an expert in the field of networking, hosting, Internet, Cloud computing and networking industries. He is currently Field CTO at Clouflare. What measures have the gaming sector taken to ensure the cybersecurity of […]
John Engates: AI helps operators detect frauds
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